Memphis Leak Detection Services


BullsEye Plumbing and Leak Detection Services:

Diagnostic Plumbing And Video Camera
Inspection Of Sewer Systems.
Testing Of Water Systems To
Accurately Identify Sub-Slab Plumbing Leaks.
Sewer Odor Detection.
Leak Detection On All Pipes.

The BullsEye Plumbing and Leak Detection Promise

With BullsEye Plumbing and Leak Detection on the job, rest assured we will find the hidden leak quickly and affordably. We have the most specialized equipment and techniques for leak detection in Memphis to locate leaks both inside and outside your property. We provide slab leak detection, leaks in walls, as well as pool and shower leaks

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Our focus is to provide technical information, services & expertise to you and the contractor/repair service of your choosing with the necessary information to repair your hidden leak.
We service residential, commercial and municipal customers. Many water pipes are run underground and usually under asphalt, landscaping, or through concrete slabs and walls, which makes any leak very difficult to locate if someone doesn’t have the proper equipment and training.

Some Of Our Most Popular Services

Hidden Leaks

All leak detection methods are non-invasive/nondestructive to your property or established landscape.

Slab Leaks

We can locate underground water leaks, slab leaks or any hidden plumbing leak on your property.

Pipe Leaks

We are highly equipped to locate any water pipe leak on your property; from floors, foundations, slab leaks, underground service lines to anywhere in the yard.

Client's Testimonial

Reid L.

Within 20 min our service line leak was pinpointed for repair

Sanja M.

It sounds cliche, but they really did save the day. They were fast and sympathetic to our situation. Great people.

Karl G

They saved the day. We had a wet spot on our slab that just kept getting bigger. We found BullsEye Plumbing and Leak Detection and they came out that day. In just a short time they located the area of the leak.

Don't Wait

Before The Leak Gets Worse

We are equipped with infrared technologies to assist in accurately locating hot water slab leaks & leaks in radiant heat floors. We use all of the latest technologies.

Case Study- ​Avoiding Shady Companies

A lot of companies can say all the right things, but delivering quality work is an entirely different story. That’s why it's essential to check references & verify they have the right kind of experience. Also be sure to verify their license and insurance, plus check their history at your local Better Business Bureau.

Our Leak Detection Process

State of the art electronic line and leak detection equipment locates subsurface leaks or leaks hidden pin hole leaks in walls and ceilings. Our technicians are trained in the most advanced techniques to find leaks without causing damage to your property.

A hydrostatic pressure test performed will indicate the presence of leaking sewer pipes beneath the slab. A video pipe inspection is then performed in conjunction with static leak isolation testing to identify damaged pipe beneath the slab.

Simply Outstanding Service

The most difficult part of any job is searching for someone qualified to do the job right. When looking for quality service at a fair price, the question most people ask is:

“Who can you recommend that you trust, will they show up on time, & be skilled and knowledgeable enough to get the job done in a courteous, professional manner?”

At BullsEye Plumbing and Leak Detection we take pride in our many satisfied customers and are committed to doing our best work every day

Our Pledge To You

If professional Pool Companies & Plumbers in Memphis call us to find their leak issues – Then Shouldn’t You?!.
Our pledge:


Know Before You Go Pricing -
Because We Give The Fee Up Front

Some Common Myths
About Hidden Leak Detection:

“They'll Destroy My Yard.”

The truth is this – a water leak detection company that uses the best technology won’t have to hurt one blade of grass or shrub in your yard. Why? Because they use various forms of listening technology such as frequency sensitivity computers and ground probes. Think of it as them putting their ears to the ground and listening really close to find the problem source. Technology is your friend and can help in finding those pesky hidden pipe leaks without destroying your yard.

“If I Don't See A Leak I Don't Have A Leak.”

This could be one of the most costly misconceptions. Many leaks aren’t visible until they become a real problem requiring real, not to mention real expensive, solutions. Faulty plumbing, old pipes, and tree roots are just a few causes of hidden leaks. The best way to detect a leak before it hits your pocket book is to monitor your water meter before and after a period of not using any water. If the meter goes up at all, you’ll know there is an issue.

“A Leaky Faucet Isn't A Big Deal. ”

We can assure you they are a big deal. The EPA reports that leaky faucets can waste up to a trillion gallons of water throughout the U.S. every year. Aside from causing large national losses, a leaky faucet can cause damage and staining. They can also affect your water bill a little faster than you would think. A leaky faucet is most commonly caused by a faulty or broken valve which often means you are in need of a replacement.

Who We Are

The Ideal Home Remodeling Pros In Memphis

The Ideal Team

Our certified leak detectors have 50+ years combined experience in locating hidden leaks, slab leaks and pipe leaks.

The Latest Technology

All leak detection methods are non-invasive/nondestructive to your property or established landscape.

Skilled Technicians

We are highly skilled to locate any water pipe leak on your property; from floors, foundations, slab leaks, underground service lines to anywhere in the yard.

Hear What Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:

Carole W.

We had water coming from under our floor. We found BullsEye Plumbing and Leak Detection online and their technician found the leak and helped us avoid some major damage to our home.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s just a small leak so there’s no hurry, right?

False. This out of sight, out of mind, no rush mentality will only lead to bigger, more costly problems. See, when a leak first begins it doesn’t cause too much damage. In fact, it could go on for years before you notice any signs or symptoms. However, like any illness, the longer you let it go, the more damage will occur. You’ll end up spending thousands of extra dollars a year on your water bill without even realize it.

Can I find the leak myself, so I don’t need a professional?

Maybe you really can find your water leak. But odds are it won’t be easy. More likely you’ll be out in your yard for hours, if not days or weeks, shovel in hand, digging multiple trenches as you try to find the problem. Don’t go on a ghost hunt! Water leak detection companies are skilled at nondestructive, quick leak detection. If you do it yourself, you’re wasting a bunch of time and making a huge mess. Just give us a call!

Do Water leak detection companies only help businesses?

Sometimes homeowners think that water leak detection companies only take on commercial projects. Not the case at all. Anyone who has a potential leak can benefit from calling us. That means a business owner and home owner alike. Even government officials who think there’s a problem with the municipal water system.